WILL IT BITE?! Black Widow Challenge Tests Nerves!

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In this episode, Coyote is taking on the Black Widow challenge yet again! In the darkness of the night in Arizona, Coyote and the crew explore an abandoned goldmine and find.. a Black Widow! Will the spider bite him at night as Coyote takes on the Black Widow challenge once more?! Watch now to find out and see this Black Widow test Coyote's nerves yet again!
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The Brave Wilderness hosts and crew are professionally trained but receive assistance from animal experts and safety personnel when in potentially life-threatening situations. Permissions were obtained by the crew to film in all locations associated with this series. No animals were injured, killed, or removed from their natural habitat in the filming of this program and instances where animals are brought to the scene are clearly acknowledged in the video. Professional advice should always be sought before entering any dangerous environment, or before encountering any species of animal. Every precaution is taken to handle animals with care and in the least stressful way possible; expert opinions are often solicited when handling animals that may potentially inflict harm to any cast and crew.
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Zack Deboard
Zack Deboard Uur geleden
The bigger they are the more Venom
Chandler Bonavita
Chandler Bonavita Dag geleden
My arm is so squeamish
Kevin. A
Kevin. A Dag geleden
Coyote could storm Area 51 & nothing would happen to him
Austin Grubb
Austin Grubb Dag geleden
Pulling venomous arthropods from an abandoned Opel GT is the most Arizona thing I've heard of
Buttercup1027 Dag geleden
OMG I HAVE A BLACKWIDOW TOO i touch it all the time like rn typing this comment LOL
candise mckinney
candise mckinney Dag geleden
Don't do it for me anymore because it doesn't mean
Kryptik Chaos434
Kryptik Chaos434 2 dagen geleden
When they say you only live once and that you should live life to its fullest, he just went... "u what? U think i havent been bitten, stung, bombed, eaten, rammed and crushed by every living animal in the world?" (Idk why i said bombed but something is gonna do that)
Kullen Goyette
Kullen Goyette 2 dagen geleden
Black white
TheManimal08 2 dagen geleden
i want to prove that spiders are not out to get you. Plays scary music lol
Madelyn Maddie S Kehler
Madelyn Maddie S Kehler 2 dagen geleden
i think she liked you!
Kullen Goyette
Kullen Goyette 2 dagen geleden
The only j
Scott Wise
Scott Wise 3 dagen geleden
That is one of the stupidest things I have seen.
Fleur de cerisier
Fleur de cerisier 3 dagen geleden
I'm arachnophobic but the black widow looks cute btw
Pj dolhancryk
Pj dolhancryk 3 dagen geleden
I'm coyote Peterson and today I'm going to step on a tank of hippos
DinoDerp PLAYZ
DinoDerp PLAYZ 3 dagen geleden
that ford gt is worth some money when it is re-done
Abdul abno Bin kimsing
Abdul abno Bin kimsing 3 dagen geleden
If the black widdow bite you. You will be spider man🤣🤣
SpongeBob Clips
SpongeBob Clips 4 dagen geleden
I just don't like the scary legs also adermin
Garffjorg DeathSong
Garffjorg DeathSong 4 dagen geleden
HotFootball44 Lanham
HotFootball44 Lanham 4 dagen geleden
Sorry but idk if it is not out to get me I'm still very scared (I have arachnidphobia) or however you spell it
Yea Nice one
Yea Nice one 5 dagen geleden
Nahhhhhh I’m good thanks. Thanks for doing this. NEVER DO IT AGAIN FOR THE SAKE OF MY ANXIETY PLS! 😂😂
mads_ c
mads_ c 5 dagen geleden
When I try to face my fears and watch these and then just become more afraid whoops
Captain Kevin
Captain Kevin 6 dagen geleden
My dad got stinged by 4 ,bees
Captain Kevin
Captain Kevin 6 dagen geleden
My dad got stinger by 4 bees
Captain Kevin
Captain Kevin 6 dagen geleden
My dad got stinger by 4 bees
Captain Kevin
Captain Kevin 6 dagen geleden
The god is
Captain Kevin
Captain Kevin 6 dagen geleden
Captain Kevin
Captain Kevin 6 dagen geleden
Why dose ants have adamins
Neox 6 dagen geleden
Lol my freind saw one of those in his garage and smashed it with no fear
Omar Velasquez
Omar Velasquez 6 dagen geleden
This guy has balls of steel
nedo-cat-007 6 dagen geleden
This guy really wants to be spiderman lol
Meme Kajtuki Gryczi
Meme Kajtuki Gryczi 6 dagen geleden
My 1 Question this black widow is female or male
Ammad. Saim
Ammad. Saim 7 dagen geleden
Is there any buyer of black window please contact me
Ammad. Saim
Ammad. Saim 7 dagen geleden
I want a real free black widow that I want to buy
Ammad. Saim
Ammad. Saim 7 dagen geleden
I come to my CPC and say that I am one
Ammad. Saim
Ammad. Saim 7 dagen geleden
I want to sellin such a way, will I find a good dealer to buy
Justin 7 dagen geleden
Imagine sleeping jus then getting pushed into a cube
Tanner Gonzalez
Tanner Gonzalez 8 dagen geleden
You would think that after being trapped in a box they would be red hot pissed off & wanting to bite.
Tanner Gonzalez
Tanner Gonzalez 8 dagen geleden
Crazy as hell man
Celestial Lord
Celestial Lord 8 dagen geleden
7:28 my brick doesn't think so
꧁ÚmbrãWölf꧂ 8 dagen geleden
He risks his life to prove animals like this aren’t out to hurt people. I would do the same. What he does is amazing and inspiring.
me alone
me alone 8 dagen geleden
my mom: *sees on floor* BURN THE HOUSE DOWN
Sleyther0 Uchiha
Sleyther0 Uchiha 8 dagen geleden
I think its a Porsche gt3 rs
Hayden Franklin
Hayden Franklin 8 dagen geleden
Why do you do this stuff to your self stop 🛑 NOW!
Titus Soke
Titus Soke 8 dagen geleden
I like spiders, but sometimes depending on the look, they make me nerves like black widows. I still have a respect for them. Even though I got bitten by a spider when I was sleeping. I probably rolled on it.
Angelica Rodriguez
Angelica Rodriguez 8 dagen geleden
I can"t believe that spiders don't want to harm you they just want peace
Gacha Skyler
Gacha Skyler 8 dagen geleden
If she doesn't bite, u have a pet spider
Reality Check Truth Unveiled
Reality Check Truth Unveiled 9 dagen geleden
Was bitten last year by a Black Widow. It bit me HARD on the wrist. Within a couple of hours my whole arm was throbbing and aching horribly..... I used 100% Bentonite Clay, made a paste out of it, doused my wrist where I was bitten, and wrapped it up. Withing 24hrs the pain was gone. Within a few days all signs of the bite were gone !
Ian Osmer
Ian Osmer 9 dagen geleden
I love how he let's bugs do this to him for us fans i feel bad y'all
Lewis Tan
Lewis Tan 10 dagen geleden
Wow Coyote your braver than m
Aerodynamic 10 dagen geleden
This guy is insane
Mizugami 11 dagen geleden
if you want to make them seem less scary than you shouldn't have creepy music the whole time lmao
Finbar267 11 dagen geleden
This triggers my arachnophobia........
Riley Bryan
Riley Bryan 11 dagen geleden
You know I'm brave to
Shiela Rose Elarmo
Shiela Rose Elarmo 11 dagen geleden
i love the way he sacrifices his self for his fans hes so brave
AS1PANDA 11 dagen geleden
spider after that: girls girls you wont believe the day I had
Clara Clark
Clara Clark 12 dagen geleden
now i more scared
Livvy Liv
Livvy Liv 12 dagen geleden
“I’m Coyote Peterson, and I’m about to pull my cuticle skin”
youngEZY O9
youngEZY O9 13 dagen geleden
Classic coyote risking his life for easy content
{Emperor¡_Angus!} 13 dagen geleden
I'm coyote Peterson and I'm about to be in the nutzone with shrek
Nola Nora DORA!
Nola Nora DORA! 13 dagen geleden
Nola Nora DORA!
Nola Nora DORA! 13 dagen geleden
Nola Nora DORA!
Nola Nora DORA! 13 dagen geleden
Hmm... nice
Nola Nora DORA!
Nola Nora DORA! 13 dagen geleden
Nola Nora DORA!
Nola Nora DORA! 13 dagen geleden
THAT WAS CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nola Nora DORA!
Nola Nora DORA! 13 dagen geleden
Max Payne
Max Payne 15 dagen geleden
4:09 *give me... THE CUBE*
Alana Grove
Alana Grove 16 dagen geleden
I could never I would pass out
Габриел Иванов
Габриел Иванов 16 dagen geleden
маикати деиба
Габриел Иванов
Габриел Иванов 16 dagen geleden
Хайде стига бе Ти българи си или си лайнян грозен
{•Wolfy Potato•}
{•Wolfy Potato•} 16 dagen geleden
"That is a horrible noise" I- I agree with you, Coyote ;-;
Loading Cat
Loading Cat 16 dagen geleden
I’m staying in my house FOREVER!!!!!
Vershawn Grimes
Vershawn Grimes 16 dagen geleden
I got Stung I didn’t feel it
Beast Bros
Beast Bros 17 dagen geleden
this dude is a literal beast
Hi 18 dagen geleden
That spiders friends will never believe him that he was abducted by an alien last night :(
Tom Dubois
Tom Dubois 18 dagen geleden
Me: Spider: So, you have chosen death 🕷
Akun 15
Akun 15 18 dagen geleden
Why would anyone leave such a nice car in the desert?
CGSmithy 18 dagen geleden
I have orachna phobia
Ahmed Z
Ahmed Z 18 dagen geleden
Carlie Cookie
Carlie Cookie 19 dagen geleden
Carlie Cookie
Carlie Cookie 19 dagen geleden
I wouldn’t even touch that thing not even a little touch how ever I don’t no how YOU do that like WHAT
Frost 19 dagen geleden
Is he hoping to turn into Spider-Man?
robert brady
robert brady 20 dagen geleden
Man he is so cool when that huge spider is on his hand. Me. O my dais me running until I am dead
Hello Lily
Hello Lily 20 dagen geleden
Omg if I saw that I would of :🚪🏃‍♀️💨
Jamie-lee Worsley
Jamie-lee Worsley 20 dagen geleden
I have Aracnphobia
Jamie-lee Worsley
Jamie-lee Worsley 20 dagen geleden
Did anyone think the car was a toy for a hot second
Nofurno 20 dagen geleden
"We're just gonna let her walk out naturally". Shakes the box so that the black widow would fall out.
CYNTHIA Nail 20 dagen geleden
Me and some of the kids at church found a black widow under a rock
Alvina Vartanians
Alvina Vartanians 20 dagen geleden
Doesnt the black widow kill u-
Griffin C
Griffin C Dag geleden
If it bit him, it would be very unlikely for him to die. Sure, it would be painful and uncomfortable but the majority of black widow bites are not life threatening.
Mack Saddle
Mack Saddle 20 dagen geleden
Lol the music makes this so much more tense than it actually is in real life. I've handled a black widow and it is a little nerve racking but it's not nearly that intense.
قناه متنوعة
قناه متنوعة 20 dagen geleden
Thomas Figgs
Thomas Figgs 21 dag geleden
Why just why
It's Honey Money
It's Honey Money 21 dag geleden
Liam Cooper
Liam Cooper 21 dag geleden
I love your video’s
Frida Leon
Frida Leon 21 dag geleden
You are so crazy 😰😨😱😥😮🙀😲😱😦😨😧🤭😰
Aesthetic_Reasonz 21 dag geleden
The spider is f a t
Evelyn Coyle
Evelyn Coyle 21 dag geleden
I would scream and shake
daddy10 22 dagen geleden
Why this thing in my backyard?
Mo Duroe
Mo Duroe 22 dagen geleden
I hate spider soooooooooooo much if I see a spider I will run and scream so I hate spiders
Dylan Flow
Dylan Flow 23 dagen geleden
I know!!!
Duckling Noob Gio
Duckling Noob Gio 23 dagen geleden
Centipede Bite Worse Than ALL Stings?!
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