I Ran into a Cactus Maze Blindfolded!

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24 dagen geleden

On this episode, Mark is doing the unthinkable... he's entering a cactus maze BLINDFOLDED! Yep, you heard that right, he's taking on the Ultimate Cholla Challenge -- also known as the sharpest maze in the world! So, how badly will these spiky nightmares hurt... and will he reach the prize at the end?! Watch now to find out!
Illustrations by the talented Meredith Joyce-Houghton
Cake provided by Baker's Layne of Los Angeles
Microscopic images by Dr. Hunter Hines

Welcome to Adventures With Me - a series featuring expeditions with Brave Wilderness co-creator Mark Vins that will take the Brave Crew to new heights and explore everywhere under the sun. From destinations far and wide, we will embark upon extreme adventures to learn about nature and science all at the same time!
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The Brave Wilderness hosts and crew are professionally trained but receive assistance from animal experts and safety personnel when in potentially life-threatening situations. Permissions were obtained by the crew to film in all locations associated with this series. No animals were injured, killed, or removed from their natural habitat in the filming of this program and instances where animals are brought to the scene are clearly acknowledged in the video. Professional advice should always be sought before entering any dangerous environment, or before encountering any species of animal. Every precaution is taken to handle animals with care and in the least stressful way possible; expert opinions are often solicited when handling animals that may potentially inflict harm to any cast and crew.

Brave Wilderness
Brave Wilderness 23 dagen geleden
Should I go live and do a QA this afternoon??? Thank to everyone for watching, I answered a lot of comments already...seems everyone is really digging this new video! -Mark Vins
Tonia Malone
Tonia Malone 2 dagen geleden
Do a video of WildCraft game
Tonia Malone
Tonia Malone 2 dagen geleden
Pie Guy
Pie Guy 3 dagen geleden
alan tyler
alan tyler 3 dagen geleden
Yoanna Marinova
Yoanna Marinova 8 dagen geleden
Guys! I’m just wandering what coyote it’s doing at that time when your out filming and he isn’t there, also amazing vids as always!
Ashzwolf art
Ashzwolf art 5 uur geleden
O god
Kate Z
Kate Z 15 uur geleden
The cake is a lie (Its a Portal reference)
Cyan64 19 uur geleden
That must be tons of pain!
Midnight Reyna
Midnight Reyna 22 uur geleden
💀😅👏 I can almost feel his pain through the video
Joseph Thornley
Joseph Thornley Dag geleden
I thought mrbeast was in the thumbnail
DRINK Dag geleden
Who clicked on this video because they thought he was mr.beast
KRUSADER Dag geleden
0:16 “straight straight straight! 😩”
Kendall Acoman
Kendall Acoman Dag geleden
Almost on the sack
KillaCamBam 7
KillaCamBam 7 Dag geleden
At first I thought it was William Osman
Thunderbolt man Roblox forkyhouse
Thunderbolt man Roblox forkyhouse Dag geleden
Look at his gums by his teeth
Shelby Sarles
Shelby Sarles Dag geleden
I could have gone my whole life without watching Mark shove a cup into his pants. 😂
M R Dag geleden
Going through a massive dangerous challenge just to get a cake, why does this remind me of Portal?
Conway Marburger
Conway Marburger Dag geleden
These guys are amazing they risk their lives for our entertainment and views and they never say any bad words🤯
Katrulzin 2 dagen geleden
Just imagine falling on one of those full size plants
BitterHyena 2 dagen geleden
My boy Cory! Awesome video guys!
Sofia Blevins
Sofia Blevins 2 dagen geleden
What happend to coyote peterson
Messiah Gang
Messiah Gang 2 dagen geleden
Who is this guy?
Brave Wilderness
Brave Wilderness 2 dagen geleden
Hi I’m Mark, I started as a cameraman now I host. Have been for awhile.
Humphrey Bumblecuck
Humphrey Bumblecuck 2 dagen geleden
Kek man, honestly wtf lol.
Tonia Malone
Tonia Malone 2 dagen geleden
Do a video of wildcraft
Tonia Malone
Tonia Malone 2 dagen geleden
Ashton Collins
Ashton Collins 2 dagen geleden
this is like what a torturer would come up with for their victims 😭😭
Jana daniella cabilogan
Jana daniella cabilogan 3 dagen geleden
We should reaally appreciate them just for us to be entertain
Bacon Man
Bacon Man 3 dagen geleden
Wait, Soo he did that for cake wow Who wouldn't?
Leola Bates
Leola Bates 3 dagen geleden
Oh noo I couldn’t watch but I did anyway
SteelerBoy 1933
SteelerBoy 1933 3 dagen geleden
Did they fire coyote?
Alyana Azizi
Alyana Azizi 3 dagen geleden
I know that hurt's
ILove_Steak 3 dagen geleden
Give it up for this man, he is a total dare devil
Charles Chatman
Charles Chatman 3 dagen geleden
Rip the........................................................................................................ pepe device.......
Triple C
Triple C 3 dagen geleden
Oh dude that must’ve hurt so much you couldn’t pay me all the money in the world to do that
ollie vecko
ollie vecko 3 dagen geleden
Who else thinks this should be a sidemen video
Executioner Smough
Executioner Smough 3 dagen geleden
10:34 he sounds like a cat
Leon Lcf
Leon Lcf 4 dagen geleden
by he
I am not artu
I am not artu 4 dagen geleden
Thank god he was wearing protection for the epic area
Starla Does Quadrobics
Starla Does Quadrobics 4 dagen geleden
Blind ppl be like: ⚪️👄⚪️ this is easy
Fire Fox
Fire Fox 4 dagen geleden
That yell at 0:17 and 5:15 HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA. 😆😆🤣🤣🤣 I laughed for like 5 straight minutes making me pause the video
Digby Airsoft
Digby Airsoft 4 dagen geleden
Brave wilderness??? Nah idiotic wilderness
Sawyer 4 dagen geleden
I haven't been watching this guy in a while and I just got my really really old phone back Samsung J2 who is this guy
Cynthia liang
Cynthia liang 4 dagen geleden
Love it is it very pain
King Of Entertainment
King Of Entertainment 4 dagen geleden
why isn't Coyote doing it?
Drew FN
Drew FN 4 dagen geleden
Mark: covered in cactus Coyote: Does it hurt? Describe the pain.
Maizel rose caras
Maizel rose caras 4 dagen geleden
O may God
Shy Salmon
Shy Salmon 4 dagen geleden
These are soft
Dozy • 9 years ago
Dozy • 9 years ago 4 dagen geleden
0:16 RIP
jettyplays bs
jettyplays bs 5 dagen geleden
5:15 oof
hi hi
hi hi 6 dagen geleden
Why though? 😂
Cook- is
Cook- is 6 dagen geleden
Now i just fel bad...
Shuayb Khan
Shuayb Khan 6 dagen geleden
If i did this I would wear a freaking bullet proof vest
Sachi Go
Sachi Go 6 dagen geleden
4xt super clan
4xt super clan 6 dagen geleden
My india bro 🔥🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🔥
HIGHTONE 7 dagen geleden
I thought this was Mr. Beast
how to basic basic
how to basic basic 7 dagen geleden
*A A A A H*
• Gxmer Gxrl シ •
• Gxmer Gxrl シ • 7 dagen geleden
8:35 - Uhm you think I'm going to step foot in a Desert-? Lol I'm a literal couch potato who plays video game all dayy ( Yeah I know I clicked the video but like just yeah- )
V Brothers
V Brothers 7 dagen geleden
Then the tables turns
Goku the Soldier
Goku the Soldier 7 dagen geleden
Can u imagine how painful it would be if you got one in your downstairs area...
bella camilla djaja
bella camilla djaja 7 dagen geleden
I want your cameramen to get sting by the yellow jacket
Anu S
Anu S 7 dagen geleden
Rather going through those spikes for cake 🎂 I would do a part time job to earn and eat or I would forget it. Come on so much pain ouch😭 just for cake😭
Peridot Universe
Peridot Universe 7 dagen geleden
This was a terrible idea wasn't it?
Erroll Herrera
Erroll Herrera 7 dagen geleden
and the new super hero was born
Gacha Aleen
Gacha Aleen 8 dagen geleden
Alfredo JR. arias
Alfredo JR. arias 8 dagen geleden
Kimble Mori
Kimble Mori 8 dagen geleden
Mans bouta kill himself for views
Gacha Skyler
Gacha Skyler 8 dagen geleden
Imagine mark never filmed... BUT HE SEEMS SO CALM..
Jonathan de Foy
Jonathan de Foy 8 dagen geleden
for once coyote is not the the one getting hurt.
-simply- pink clouds- -
-simply- pink clouds- - 8 dagen geleden
Wow this is great! But very painful
AhstTraotee 8 dagen geleden
Trombidiidae kaka as the scientific name for the cake? Clever! Trombidiidae is the genus for the red velvet mite!
Brave Wilderness
Brave Wilderness 8 dagen geleden
Good spot!!
Donovan Scott
Donovan Scott 9 dagen geleden
You... Poor...Poor poor man :(( your skin is going to be oozing cactus spike debris till 2023
Eev 9 dagen geleden
Imagine all the things Mark and Coyote did together,but we can't see cause there was no one to film it and ask them to describe the pain.
PZ 715 The Wisconsin Upgraded HACKER
PZ 715 The Wisconsin Upgraded HACKER 9 dagen geleden
Mark looks different in a beard
PZ 715 The Wisconsin Upgraded HACKER
PZ 715 The Wisconsin Upgraded HACKER 9 dagen geleden
You guys are fun
nicky manente
nicky manente 9 dagen geleden
So we just gonna ignore that one in the perfect spot
Crested Saguaro
Crested Saguaro 9 dagen geleden
Back when I was 11 years old, red velvet cake was forever ruined for me. I used to love it until one time, I got food poisoning from the dye in a particular brand I ate. I was violently ill for 2 days, throwing up and always on the toilet. Ever since then, I never trused eating red velvet cake no matter what... 😥
Purple Army Guard
Purple Army Guard 9 dagen geleden
This is madness😓
Purple Army Guard
Purple Army Guard 9 dagen geleden
Why why would u do that😅😓
Michael reasen
Michael reasen 9 dagen geleden
the cake was a lie only portal fans will understand
Javier Sierra
Javier Sierra 10 dagen geleden
He has to have a cup right?
Rinkawaii 10 dagen geleden
Red Velvet Cake is amazing I would do that too.
Jordan C
Jordan C 10 dagen geleden
Gahhh damn..😰
*süper videolar*
*süper videolar* 10 dagen geleden
Obeseus phallus
Obeseus phallus 10 dagen geleden
One day he will yell harder daddy
ruan 10 dagen geleden
Lord Maximillius
Lord Maximillius 11 dagen geleden
This guy has changed a lot since he used to get stung by bullet ant
ai hoang
ai hoang 11 dagen geleden
pls tell me this guy shaft is protected with steel plating.
TheSinbadwolf 11 dagen geleden
You guys are amazing and a little eccentric to put yourselves through these scenarios when it isn't necessary. By the way... Mark are you ok?
Spanking Fantasies
Spanking Fantasies 11 dagen geleden
Mark is an absolute unit jesus christ
andru deaton
andru deaton 11 dagen geleden
Wow I swear I heard a pterodactyl some where in the background screaming lmao
BRAYAN Escobar Joya
BRAYAN Escobar Joya 11 dagen geleden
This is just uncomfortable to watch its almost like u can feel it
N_ JAY 11 dagen geleden
Maso gang rise up...👍😎 Love this video..
515_ Hazard
515_ Hazard 11 dagen geleden
this is an impractical jokers punishment wtf
Beyburstzilla gamings & more!
Beyburstzilla gamings & more! 11 dagen geleden
Dinosour be like: RoAR
ZAN 11 dagen geleden
Me when i have cramps
DevonMC 11 dagen geleden
Seeing those close-ups makes me think: that's some fleshy skin
Latoya Stone
Latoya Stone 12 dagen geleden
Its how he said ga ga
f十七解说 12 dagen geleden
I feel sorry
Chris Williams
Chris Williams 12 dagen geleden
they didnt have coyote peterson cuz he been causing so much pain to himself already lol
NikoTheXD 12 dagen geleden
Bro i literly saw this part and some how feell the pain 5:14
Im not Jade
Im not Jade 12 dagen geleden
I cant even imagine how painfull those were when it gets to your body, and painful when you get it out
jhun mesina
jhun mesina 12 dagen geleden
Mark:AHhHhHhH cayote:thats how it feel
Fluffyfootprints Plays
Fluffyfootprints Plays 12 dagen geleden
This whole video I was just going “ WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO YOURSELF “
Ashlynn thomas
Ashlynn thomas 12 dagen geleden
I am so glade I don’t live in the dessert
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