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Welcome to the first episode of our new limited series, Ranger Exchange! Get ready for Rangers Tayla McCurdy and Tristan Dicks to take you on adventures like never before. This episode features andBeyond and the African Pangolin Working Group and the amazing work that they have done at the forefront of trying to save the most illegally trafficked animal on the planet, the Pangolin. The Pangolin is a creature facing extinction - but not if we can help it! Get ready to meet Ramfy, aka Rockstar, a Pangolin who was rescued from poachers by the African Pangolin Working Group -- and learn how YOU can help save the world's most trafficked animal!
Thank you to the African Pangolin Working Group and all of the work that they do! Organizations like this group rely on donations. Visit their website for more information and to help save the world's most trafficked animal:
Follow the African Pangolin Working Group on social media: @africanpangolinconservation
Another big thank you to andBeyond! Visit their website for more information on their lodges and safari camps:
Created by: Jim Kolotouros

Executive Producers: Jim Kolotouros, Coyote Peterson & Beau Sedivy

Produced & Directed by: Rowan Pybus

Hosts: Tayla McCurdy and Tristan Dicks

Edited by:
Lufefe Figlan
Rowan Pybus
Colleen Knox
Andrea Shaw

Music by: Mama Dance Studio

Voiceover by: Silas Lekgoathi

Director of Photography: Jeandre Gerding

Camera Operators & Sound:
Lufefe Figlan
Jeandre Gerding
Rowan Pybus

Production Manager:
Shanna Freedman

Associate Producer:
Jonathan Zepp

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Gayatri P
Gayatri P Dag geleden
Cute 🥰
hell boy bunny
hell boy bunny Dag geleden
i’ve been in love with these adorable and peaceful creatures for years now and it breaks my heart that they are being poached and trafficked!!! they’re such sweet animals and deserve all the love 🥰
Amelia Jackson
Amelia Jackson 2 dagen geleden
NKN 1 2 dagen geleden
Chinese are packing container loads of pangolins out of Nigeria
Inky Soda
Inky Soda 3 dagen geleden
Pangolins are so cute I'd do something if I could 🥺
C J J 4 dagen geleden
UltragamingHD 4 dagen geleden
thisismyhome 4 dagen geleden
That pangolin loves Barry!! Yay for one of the most amazing animals.
Donna Randall
Donna Randall 4 dagen geleden
I’m doing a research project about pangolins this helped so much!
Aldenotaldenyt 5 dagen geleden
Did coyote quit NLposts???
Vuffh Ghunmmhg
Vuffh Ghunmmhg 7 dagen geleden
Pangolins caused covid just ask randy
Ace Peter
Ace Peter 7 dagen geleden
I can literally cry bc the ranger said the chances of the pangoling coming back is 80% It just hits you like a truck full of happiness
꧁ÚmbrãWölf꧂ 8 dagen geleden
I love pangolins and I read that from 2010 - 2014, one million were killed. :(
Jane nenemes 7
Jane nenemes 7 8 dagen geleden
It’s sandsdrew from Pokémon
LordYggdrasill 9 dagen geleden
It's a sandshrew
Firman Rudi Kurniawan
Firman Rudi Kurniawan 9 dagen geleden
D G 9 dagen geleden
Sharlee doesn't know! but we will get marry
Jai Williams
Jai Williams 9 dagen geleden
Pangoloins have been my favourite animal for a while and they need to be protected
voldem0rt 10 dagen geleden
Everything was great until the sexist, "SO GLAD ITS A WOMAN" comment. Sorry, but I'm done with this channel until you get rid of the misogynistic sexist lady and bring in other ladies that don't view it as a gender issue but a best person for the job.
MiLord Caston
MiLord Caston 10 dagen geleden
You are the best you do on video source you are the best
creper king minecraft
creper king minecraft 11 dagen geleden
What has this channel become
Jurassic Wildlife
Jurassic Wildlife 12 dagen geleden
So interesting to take a closer look at the pangolin, very sad to see how trafficked this animal is. Berry and Sharlee are doing a great job with these animals and it is truly incredible how far Ramfy has come.
Candy 12 dagen geleden
The footage of the baby pandolin 😍 They remind me of armadillos.. so cute
bigtomhanks12 12 dagen geleden
Thanks Randy Marsh.
Death Stroke
Death Stroke 12 dagen geleden
I my be a super villain but save these animals
Lud Vincent
Lud Vincent 12 dagen geleden
i heard the word "ranger" for like 2000x lol
Dorothy Holbrook
Dorothy Holbrook 13 dagen geleden
Thanks Tristan and Tayla. Great show
Phương chị Ngô
Phương chị Ngô 13 dagen geleden
why is Triston family name a curse word
Addison Moss
Addison Moss 14 dagen geleden
Well this is new...
Toe Salad063
Toe Salad063 14 dagen geleden
South Park made me know what a pangolin is
Neo Smasher
Neo Smasher 14 dagen geleden
Where are Coyote and Mario ? 😂
Barry Mthembu
Barry Mthembu 14 dagen geleden
Absolutely amazing and educational program, feel privileged to having being part of it.
Peanuts 15 dagen geleden
Fascinating creature! It's cute in a prehistoric way. Such an amazing story. I'm a huge fan of Tristan Dicks and Tayla M.
How about magic trick?
How about magic trick? 15 dagen geleden
"Human is greedy"
Sonja Liebenberg
Sonja Liebenberg 15 dagen geleden
When is the next Ranger Exchange episode? Loved this episode with the Pangolin!!
Ecotasia 15 dagen geleden
Really amazing content, cannot wait to see more like this
SWILLZ 15 dagen geleden
Its the crazy rich caucasians killing those animals
Highlight Production
Highlight Production 12 dagen geleden
Not true, all of the poaching is done by the Chinese and Vietnamese that use it in medicine; that's an ignorant thing to say.
SWILLZ 15 dagen geleden
This was definitely a dinosaur
Mizo Mint
Mizo Mint 16 dagen geleden
You do realize that the worlds most trafficked animal is human right? Not only that, if you save the worlds most trafficked animal, then the next most trafficked animal becomes the most.... it doesn't end...
Elke 16 dagen geleden
Wow you two T's loved this 💕
Teh Angeline
Teh Angeline 16 dagen geleden
Cutest animal so far in Africa
Lions Michael Jackson
Lions Michael Jackson 16 dagen geleden
Lions are obviously the best FACT
dirtyrottenpunk 16 dagen geleden
Pangolin remind me of the sandslash Pokémon absolutely beautiful
William Simson
William Simson 16 dagen geleden
Hey this was the main focus or the South Park pandemic special
epic 16 dagen geleden
ER:LC Gaming
ER:LC Gaming 16 dagen geleden
I love this video! Thank you for raising awareness on the pangolins! I’ll see you in the next video!
Water Witch
Water Witch 16 dagen geleden
“The pangolin is the most trafficked mammal” Except for like, idk.... humans
Görkem Çelik
Görkem Çelik 16 dagen geleden
Didn't watch the video yet. Let me guess Chinese medicine
Corn Pop
Corn Pop 17 dagen geleden
South park anyone?
Bray bray
Bray bray 18 dagen geleden
I know what a pangolin is because I saw the wild kratts episode
ishrat jahan panna
ishrat jahan panna 18 dagen geleden
where is caodi
Rachael Wagner
Rachael Wagner 19 dagen geleden
Animals are so cool do you
Rachael Wagner
Rachael Wagner 19 dagen geleden
I Love Animals Like you
Matteo Mascaro Pennacchi
Matteo Mascaro Pennacchi 19 dagen geleden
I love this animal, so Not just me but Everyone of this planet will help this creature, this poor animal deserves to live and keep continuing to exist no to be extinct, How about the Pangolin Babies? How About the Pangolins, I also would love to pet him, I love to take care of Pangolins and I would make a Pangolin plushie for kids but they also will Take care and Pet of Pangolins, I don’t want the Pangolins to be extincted, I want they to be Alive, I love the international Pangolin save, I will Enjoy you and them all❣️💘😍😍💞💘🧡💘💕💘🤎💛🥰💗🥰❤️💜🤎💕and I say no more extinct cute animals 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢🦤🦔🦡🦘
Tube Unique Channel
Tube Unique Channel 20 dagen geleden
beautiful animals !
Zvezda Arrico
Zvezda Arrico 20 dagen geleden
Thank you so much for this video! My son fall in love with this wonder of nature and made a pangolin in 5th grade from a serial box and gold/silver paper for its scale. Ohhhhhh! I wish I can attach the picture of his craft! Thank you again! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Michelle 20 dagen geleden
I learned about the Pangolin in a Zoology class in college and it instantly became my new favorite animal. I've been doing a lot of research and hope one day I can land a job where I can help out.
Salman Siddiqui
Salman Siddiqui 20 dagen geleden
Please add a trip in this video I want you see how bad they bite.
Bryan Bokser
Bryan Bokser 20 dagen geleden
Pangolins are my favorite animal!
Bryan Bokser
Bryan Bokser 20 dagen geleden
Pangolins are my favorite animal!
xSweet_ Mallkx
xSweet_ Mallkx 20 dagen geleden
Ali Alhemaidi
Ali Alhemaidi 21 dag geleden
Atomic Mushroom 6413
Atomic Mushroom 6413 21 dag geleden
That Pangolin looks pretty tasty
Muzan Jackson
Muzan Jackson 21 dag geleden
Why do they want it’s scales, fashion?
matthew mann
matthew mann 21 dag geleden
Armored warriors
Travis McBean
Travis McBean 21 dag geleden
He is da pinecone boi
Rabea almahmoudi
Rabea almahmoudi 21 dag geleden
When he rolls down he plays "they see me rolliiin they hatiiin"
Jax Ayala
Jax Ayala 21 dag geleden
I thought this would be coyote...
Michal Filip
Michal Filip 21 dag geleden
Where IS Cayote peterson?
Destined Merican Patriot
Destined Merican Patriot 21 dag geleden
the pangolins created covid
Jayden Liaw
Jayden Liaw 21 dag geleden
me when it started: Where coyote?
lynsea 21 dag geleden
Thank you for promoting the importance of the incorporation of local people into wildlife conservation as well as promoting racial and gender diversity in the guiding career!
shadow lord
shadow lord 21 dag geleden
Just wait til a whole clan of hyenas or a pride of lions attack.
Michael Harto
Michael Harto 22 dagen geleden
Pangolin walks like that one nervous quiet kid..
J 22 dagen geleden
black man naration dont suit this chanel
J Cole
J Cole 22 dagen geleden
Everyone else: This is so sad let's help them! Me: Sandshrew
1Legend 22 dagen geleden
Isn't it funny how the most trafficked animal in the world is the same animal that gave us the coronavirus. I think that's karma.
Emil Cioran
Emil Cioran 22 dagen geleden
Plot twist: the women that bought the rifle used it to hunt down the poachers instead of the animals. xD
Kathy Kasing87
Kathy Kasing87 22 dagen geleden
My family poach pangolin cause they didnt know that they are safe.
Brett Grant
Brett Grant 23 dagen geleden
I live in SA and my favorite cat is the caracal. And I also love pangolins. Unfortunately we do not find them on my farm.
Davin Irgyan.A
Davin Irgyan.A 23 dagen geleden
I love Adventuring with you
SHATO29yt 23 dagen geleden
I don’t now nothing about that animal
Amazing Spiderman1126
Amazing Spiderman1126 23 dagen geleden
My favorite is the 🐆 Jaguar🐆
Amazing Spiderman1126
Amazing Spiderman1126 23 dagen geleden
My name is also Tristan
Raja Aliyan
Raja Aliyan 23 dagen geleden
3 friends saw a pangolin and said f1 what if it as tall as a mountain f2 and had very large wings f3 and could breath fire from its mouth that's how dragons were made
Dylan Geltzeiler
Dylan Geltzeiler 23 dagen geleden
I like the 4 species of African Pangolins “The Giant, The Cape AKA The Ground, The White Bellied & The Black Bellied.” Including 1 species of Asian Pangolin “The Indian”.
Sir Caco
Sir Caco 23 dagen geleden
5:05 Wowie that's a trippy transition!
Qiqi ._.
Qiqi ._. 23 dagen geleden
Where did coyote go 🥺
Lee Armitage
Lee Armitage 23 dagen geleden
Iv adopted won so I’m doing my part 😆
TheWise Old_Chicken
TheWise Old_Chicken 23 dagen geleden
Shanticlan 23 dagen geleden
I love pangolins they are so cute
Anna Garcia
Anna Garcia 23 dagen geleden
This is so different🤣🤣
Inferno Digital
Inferno Digital 23 dagen geleden
I think it's a little strange to call it the Phinda game reserve instead of wildlife reserve. Makes it sound like they're keeping things to hunt, not keeping things from being hunted.
pup_pup_pass 23 dagen geleden
Anyone else recognize the music at 8:06? Old school survivor fans know what I'm talking about! Great vid, as always
Okpara Chizitere
Okpara Chizitere 23 dagen geleden
Think about this, pangolins are the most trafficked mammal because of their scales which are made from the same material as human hair and fingernails, so why don't pangolin poachers go to their local barbing salon and collect as much hair as they can or shave their own heads and clip their fingernails?
Im'ÑotSøü'l 23 dagen geleden
Cayote well be back 😞😞😞
Jayda Barnard
Jayda Barnard 23 dagen geleden
Hi ciotii love this video tell😍😍
Jef Oliver
Jef Oliver 23 dagen geleden
in Philippines, pangolins there is already extinct
Nadia Rn
Nadia Rn 23 dagen geleden
Thank you so much Angeles for protecting Those beautiful Animals . Bravo 👍👏 God Bless you
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