EATEN ALIVE - Human Hands vs. Piranha!

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In this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote is doing the unthinkable.. he's putting his hands in a tank full of PIRANHA! Get ready to see if he will be EATEN ALIVE by these flesh-eating fish in Human Hands vs. Piranha!
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GAMING KITTY 51 minuut geleden
Spacegoat92 2 uur geleden
Wrong environment man. You need to try that in their natural habitat...
Melannye Sanchez
Melannye Sanchez 3 uur geleden
That’s why I don’t go on in the sea or the lake or the ocean because I hate that I don’t like piranhas piranhas or mean I don’t have red eyes
Barak Cabaza
Barak Cabaza 4 uur geleden
He should have tried that when they're hungry
Kimberly Chapin
Kimberly Chapin 4 uur geleden
xaelon 8 uur geleden
i would do this willingly
Jayden Williams
Jayden Williams 10 uur geleden
Onistly just why WHY
zunurain Ali sab tv promos
zunurain Ali sab tv promos 11 uur geleden
Plot twist the phirana's where vegetarian's
Na'Jea Monelle
Na'Jea Monelle 14 uur geleden
coyote why do you do this are you trying to die?
Dennis Mwangi
Dennis Mwangi 17 uur geleden
Coyote: "I'm Coyote Peterson, and I'm ready to take the Spanish bull gore challenge. Ready?, "I'm ready when you are ready." Okay, one, two, whooo!! Doesn't get any freaking than this, three!! Okay close the cage. Cut the rope... Boom! Lights out!! (In hospital - Official YT Channel Transcript) Whoooah! Never try this in Spain or wherever you r in the world. These bulls pack a punch of strength. I gotta tell u, that bull nearly sent me to my grave, whooooah. It broke 10 of my ribs! What they say in the shows, it doesn't get any true than that. Much more respect for these animals now. They better be left alone in their fields. Men, be brave, stay wild. Won't be seeing you in the next adventure just yet, but definitely watch these bulls from a distance!!" Me: "My eyes closed all along".
Dennis Mwangi
Dennis Mwangi 17 uur geleden
I think in this instance the piranhas are already well satiated and not in the mood to eat?!
Laura Sosa
Laura Sosa 17 uur geleden
Wtf man
Kevin Contrera
Kevin Contrera 20 uur geleden
WFE ?! 😰
fortnitejoker11 Dag geleden
U do that i dont even want to get hit with a chip u brave man
iCACHE YT Dag geleden
this is nothing compared to when Jeremy wade went into a hot tub full of piranhas
Cat Vs Dog! Animations & Gacha
Cat Vs Dog! Animations & Gacha Dag geleden
You are too brave for me
Simon Smith
Simon Smith Dag geleden
Coyote knows true pain
Bryson Palmer
Bryson Palmer Dag geleden
Ooooo I stay wild all the time every day I catch snakes
UKW-uknowho Dag geleden
Is it just me or does coyote remind you of a tough Charlie Day
Ricky Rick
Ricky Rick Dag geleden
These piranhas might have gone vegan...
pandoraet Gaytan
pandoraet Gaytan Dag geleden
Sherman Gershman
Sherman Gershman Dag geleden
I would like to have seen the filet attached to a line and then vigorously shaken atop of the water.... just to see. The light on their scales, the shimmer and the sparkle, pretty for a fish with teeth!
ewelina wnuk
ewelina wnuk Dag geleden
Omg this is so painful 😰
Lubana MillWala
Lubana MillWala Dag geleden
Zoe Wright
Zoe Wright Dag geleden
When he said red Belled I laugh so hard
Pankek 199
Pankek 199 Dag geleden
5:55 video begins (in video he got no bites)
Jordyn Play
Jordyn Play 2 dagen geleden
Do I have an idea maybe you could put a snake in a piranha I’ll take and see what they do with it
Ignacio MILLARES 2 dagen geleden
todo mentira forro
I am proud pinay
I am proud pinay 2 dagen geleden
Woww that piranha is very scary when i saw movie about piranha makes me more scared, f they bite goshhh
Ahniha Arceneaux
Ahniha Arceneaux 2 dagen geleden
But I don't have to worry about that I live in Jennings LA
Ahniha Arceneaux
Ahniha Arceneaux 2 dagen geleden
I don't even want to swim
Ahniha Arceneaux
Ahniha Arceneaux 2 dagen geleden
OMG why did you do that
Oakland Reti
Oakland Reti 2 dagen geleden
yr crazy brave
[ Tañgerinê._. Têa ]
[ Tañgerinê._. Têa ] 2 dagen geleden
My goals today: get bitten my a water parasite, get stung my 4 colony’s of killer bees, have my toes bit by the Toe biter, get stung by fire ants. I am SO exited to do this
Willy Vargas
Willy Vargas 2 dagen geleden
are u alright brave wilderness u seem a bit suicidal
David Rumberger
David Rumberger 2 dagen geleden
i grace this man by putting his hands in a prianahs bowl for our entertainment NEVER DO THATT IT MKES MEH UNCOMPHTERBLE
_.bella._ 2 dagen geleden
I hate you bro why are you going to try it
TheMightyProphet 2 dagen geleden
Even the fish can sense all those preserving chemicals in that fillet and steer away trying to keep healthy 🤣🤣🤣
Dakota Rawerts
Dakota Rawerts 2 dagen geleden
i am getting so scared right now but you are so brave!
Ellie Tun
Ellie Tun 2 dagen geleden
It think it depends on your blood type
Miguel Norat
Miguel Norat 2 dagen geleden
dis is clickbate
Pus Grey & Pus Meng
Pus Grey & Pus Meng 2 dagen geleden
Splashing water & injured Will likely get attacked by piranha
Sandra Craig
Sandra Craig 2 dagen geleden
But respect man
Nilufar Sadigli
Nilufar Sadigli 2 dagen geleden
Nilufar Sadigli
Nilufar Sadigli 2 dagen geleden
Oh my god
Rodolfo Best Youtube Родольфо БестYoutube
Rodolfo Best Youtube Родольфо БестYoutube 3 dagen geleden
Phew Piranha doesn't eat hand That was so close bro😥😥😥😥😥
Hannah Adams
Hannah Adams 3 dagen geleden
Dont ask
Hannah Adams
Hannah Adams 3 dagen geleden
Gotta have a wawa
xyz kool
xyz kool 3 dagen geleden
me in the comments: **looks at the likes on each comment...** omg you’ve almost beaten him :o everyone looking at this: 👁 👄 👁
Brayden Lewis
Brayden Lewis 3 dagen geleden
My little sis: is scared of a Goggle Eye fish that she caught Coyote peterson: Ima feed my finger to a phsyco fish
Steampog 3 dagen geleden
Olivia Hnosko
Olivia Hnosko 3 dagen geleden
Can you do an Asian water monitor
Laltanpuia ralte
Laltanpuia ralte 3 dagen geleden
Wait..wait..Next time. You need to take a risk on Black Piranha over than Red Piranha 🤷‍♂️✌✌🤷‍♂️😎💥🔥🐾
Luke Ellis
Luke Ellis 3 dagen geleden
1 year later I'm about to enter the shoot zone of an m1abams
Nadhira Shuhada
Nadhira Shuhada 3 dagen geleden
Cody Eck
Cody Eck 3 dagen geleden
Thank God your not hurt
sagar patil
sagar patil 3 dagen geleden
All teeth removed 👍
john liggett
john liggett 3 dagen geleden
Do a video in albatross bird
Legend Harries
Legend Harries 3 dagen geleden
Jerikho 3 dagen geleden
penn and teller debunked this already lol
Michal Rautner
Michal Rautner 3 dagen geleden
Norah Wagoner
Norah Wagoner 3 dagen geleden
he is so brave
Nima abba
Nima abba 3 dagen geleden
Martin Alsamaani
Martin Alsamaani 3 dagen geleden
Coyote: they don't eat human flesh Ark survival evolved players: no in ark they eat u alive
jennifer blythe
jennifer blythe 4 dagen geleden
i really recommend watching the piranha episode of river monsters, that episode gave me a new appreciation for these animals. jeremy wade was even able to sit inside a swimming pool full of piranhas and they didn't do anything! also, most piranha bites happen when someone steps too close to a piranha's nest, which is pretty understandable. they're truly not as violent as we're led to believe, but they are still dangerous and not an animal you should seek out
SkylowXD 4 dagen geleden
They may be harmless here, but that's only because they're held in captivity, I bet they're different in the wild. 👀
SkylowXD 4 dagen geleden
Me after a minute goes by: really, nothing?
Jmai Games
Jmai Games 4 dagen geleden
Like drag on the floor big
jskd2953 4 dagen geleden
Plot twist: The piranha had just devoured an entire family size bucket of KFC and were absolutely stuffed. Couldn't eat another bite!
Makayla Griffith
Makayla Griffith 4 dagen geleden
They are vegan...
Apolinar Lopez
Apolinar Lopez 4 dagen geleden
I have no idea how he is so brave but I see one single bee runs for life
thekenguy 4 dagen geleden
Next: Human hands vs Lava
Sunny BlackBurn
Sunny BlackBurn 4 dagen geleden
Ok that is just bloody :O
aferret 4 dagen geleden
Obviously they are well fed and therefore not needing to bite or attack
Mitchell Camp
Mitchell Camp 4 dagen geleden
Why does he do these crazy things
Megan 4 dagen geleden
You’re from Ohio and now I’m in love with this channel even more!! 😍
Phrog Clean
Phrog Clean 4 dagen geleden
Abi J Squid
Abi J Squid 4 dagen geleden
Simplyy Kennyy
Simplyy Kennyy 5 dagen geleden
Can we just appreciate the fact what coyote does for his fans!!!!
Gibby Benavidez
Gibby Benavidez 5 dagen geleden
I am scared lol
Gibby Benavidez
Gibby Benavidez 5 dagen geleden
Gaming Raptor
Gaming Raptor 5 dagen geleden
This is scary
Kenneth Francis
Kenneth Francis 5 dagen geleden
I'm going to be just like you and I grow up
Killian Kelloniemi
Killian Kelloniemi 5 dagen geleden
Ey that must hurt bro
vagosdiamond200 5 dagen geleden
Let piranhas without food a couple days and try this again.. They was already fed and this is why they didnt eat fish flesh
Shardas Live
Shardas Live 5 dagen geleden
Or your find and not funny
Shardas Live
Shardas Live 5 dagen geleden
Why did u do that to yourself god but are u okay?
the punisher
the punisher 5 dagen geleden
They feed them so good before video 🙂🌹👍
Sarah Jeanty
Sarah Jeanty 5 dagen geleden
Sorry I see a piranhas i no it will eat me. Had me scared for a bit . Part2 no part 2 .
Sarah Jeanty
Sarah Jeanty 5 dagen geleden
Guy save your self God gave you life . Take care of your self
Santiago Tamayo
Santiago Tamayo 5 dagen geleden
Now I see how he’s not in a relationship
MrFidget 6 dagen geleden
Haven't watched any of your videos in probably 2 years, just like I remember, great and awesome.
Shiela Vivienne
Shiela Vivienne 6 dagen geleden
vJames Conner
Matthew Latimer
Matthew Latimer 6 dagen geleden
He is going to loose his fingers
Ryan Laprade
Ryan Laprade 6 dagen geleden
Those piranha are well fed and they most likely have been eating cheap grains their entire lives.
Yihan Zhao
Yihan Zhao 6 dagen geleden
I am convinced this guys has a death wish
Jeremiah Bennett
Jeremiah Bennett 6 dagen geleden
I wouldn’t try dad at home if I were you
ANA B. 6 dagen geleden
RESPECT THIS MAN! lol I am such a big fannnn
Anya Atmani
Anya Atmani 6 dagen geleden
😔😔I hope you won't die when you do all coins of danger 🥺🥺
Parrots4Life 6 dagen geleden
Gonna be honest, I dont think this counts as a proper test considering these are very stressed fish in a glass box. Any uncomfortable animal (even a hungry one) isnt gonna be very willing to eat/ hunt for food. They are all sitting on the bottom darting back and forth (They aren't happy). Not that I'm a piranha expert but I do own a few large fish tanks and kept fish for 10+ years with African cichlids among some. Even low tier dwelling fish dont sit on the literal floor. If you ever do a re-test, it will only count if its in their natural environment (Or just happy Piranhas where ever they are). Which I would love to see! Love all your videos Coyote, but I do call BS when I see it. lol Still a good video regardless. :-)
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