WILL IT BITE?! - Giant Bloodsucking Parasite!

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In this episode, get ready for our full-length Sea Lamprey adventure! Coyote is first Eaten Alive by Sea Lamprey... and then tests out if they will bite! Watch as Mario places the Sea Lamprey on Coyote's body to see if these giant bloodsucking parasites will take a bite. Get ready to watch the strong suction power of the Sea Lamprey!
Big thank you to the Great Lakes Fishery Commission and Hammond Bay Biological Station for hosting us for this episode! These organizations are on the fore front of Great Lakes research. If you would like to learn more or have the desire to join the fight against Sea Lamprey, contact the Great Lakes Fishery Commission: www.glfc.int​
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The Brave Wilderness hosts and crew are professionally trained but receive assistance from animal experts and safety personnel when in potentially life-threatening situations. Permissions were obtained by the crew to film in all locations associated with this series. No animals were injured, killed, or removed from their natural habitat in the filming of this program and instances where animals are brought to the scene are clearly acknowledged in the video. Professional advice should always be sought before entering any dangerous environment, or before encountering any species of animal. Every precaution is taken to handle animals with care and in the least stressful way possible; expert opinions are often solicited when handling animals that may potentially inflict harm to any cast and crew.

Brave Wilderness
Brave Wilderness Maand geleden
Are you curious to learn more about sea lamprey and how this devastating invasive species is controlled? Visit the Great Lakes Fishery Commission website (www.glfc.int) and follow on Facebook & Twitter (@LampreyControl)!
Ryan kennedy
Ryan kennedy 14 uur geleden
Bro of course it will bite and How's ur neck doing
chris jonson
chris jonson 7 dagen geleden
Hes so underratead he risks his life just to give us content
Luzkaury Olivo
Luzkaury Olivo 8 dagen geleden
Julia Ross
Julia Ross 16 dagen geleden
Yes I am curious about sea lamprey I really don't know if I could visit the Great Lakes Fishery because we live in Arkansas and Indiana and I don't know where this great lake Fisheries so can you tell me where it is located peace thank you
Shelby Poo
Shelby Poo 18 dagen geleden
@Snickers Eats Cookies same im 12 to ive been watching him scince i was 5
Wxrrior OG
Wxrrior OG 5 minuten geleden
Imagine the lamprey that bite him breed and start to hunt humans
Javon Raines
Javon Raines 4 uur geleden
You dont have to do this your risjingvyiyr life just to entertain us without really dont have to do this
Javon Raines
Javon Raines 4 uur geleden
I said your risking your life
Safaa Sport
Safaa Sport 4 uur geleden
Imran Beciri
Imran Beciri 8 uur geleden
How were you latter?
Alex K
Alex K 8 uur geleden
8:15 they smell all his previous stings, and they're like "yeah, I'm having none of that blood"
CristelPlays 9 uur geleden
I kinda felt it without even get bitten
rayman 10 uur geleden
More like: "The fleshlight of doom"
Nur 11 uur geleden
What the heck you doing?!
No lxmits 2477
No lxmits 2477 13 uur geleden
HOLD ON did the sea lamprey suck blood from his neck? I hope your still ok
MaD_DOG 007
MaD_DOG 007 18 uur geleden
This makes me hurt
OhrenAugenKatze 20 uur geleden
Ronan Roy
Ronan Roy Dag geleden
Whatever that creature is... I want it
Paul Noble II
Paul Noble II Dag geleden
What is the music that has the Tron and Blade Runner feel to it at the beginning?
Gaming Wild
Gaming Wild Dag geleden
I would feel offended if they didn't want to bite me.
Cloudy Dreamers
Cloudy Dreamers Dag geleden
I remember watching this channel 4 years ago and it’s still great to this day
Djdjd Ddjfhfjjddj
Djdjd Ddjfhfjjddj Dag geleden
Camera man:are you good? Him:yeah arggghhhhhhh
Khalel Dimna
Khalel Dimna Dag geleden
So how did you explain those hickeys to your wife😅
Maya Kjaer
Maya Kjaer Dag geleden
And i can’t even handle a fly landing on my arm... 🥲
Ana vitoria Macedo
Ana vitoria Macedo Dag geleden
Rida Khan
Rida Khan Dag geleden
Bro why am I shaking?
Wannabewatermelon Dag geleden
Fact If it spins all the way on you it will take out your skin
The Zeque
The Zeque 2 dagen geleden
This channel really lives up to it's name
Nicolas Rolwes
Nicolas Rolwes 2 dagen geleden
Me swimming with barracudas scared for my life my mom saying swim slow brave: swimming with piranhas. Me bruhhhhh
LucidGonViral 2 dagen geleden
Imagine the 🧠😩😩
Fábio Henriques
Fábio Henriques 2 dagen geleden
love the click bait, thats a fish called lamprey not a parasite LOL, here in portugal we eat that boilling in his own blood, i dont like it, but a lot of people rlly enjoy with rice
Kryptik Chaos434
Kryptik Chaos434 2 dagen geleden
This guy is the definition of immortality. He just strolls through with a Sea Lamprey on his neck and Doesnt even swear, this guy has Poison as blood so any creatures which bites him actually is sucking poison from his insides. He is gonna turn into a superhero if he keeps carrying on like this. Spiderman got bitten by a Radioactive spider, this guy says Thats rookie number and proceeds to get leeched by dangerous alien fish from before dinosaur times
Dan 2 dagen geleden
Plural of fish is fish
kimberly asiashu
kimberly asiashu 2 dagen geleden
I almost cried when chayote got bit
Marko Djuric
Marko Djuric 2 dagen geleden
Why are you doing this to you? You can get bitten by something that can kill you instantly its not good for you coyote
Pia Vissing
Pia Vissing 2 dagen geleden
They made me tirerd by dem in a moment🥱🥱🥱
RayanGaming 2 dagen geleden
Let’s all think about how much times Coyote risks his life so we could have content to watch
NAİB GAMER 2 dagen geleden
Omg bro
Atlas_The Ancient
Atlas_The Ancient 2 dagen geleden
Me: there's one person that's immortal and that is queen elizabeth the 3rd *This mf existing* Me:there's two people-
Miss Dire
Miss Dire 2 dagen geleden
Coyote and the Lamprey just gave new meaning to a hickey.
atmentod 2 dagen geleden
Man that looks so painful. I don't I ever want to feel what you felt lol.
alexis kangas
alexis kangas 2 dagen geleden
Executioner wasp video : T H E E N D 0:14 :
sirking koerber
sirking koerber 2 dagen geleden
I was screaming oh hell nah
sirking koerber
sirking koerber 2 dagen geleden
I meant ankles
sirking koerber
sirking koerber 2 dagen geleden
Ngl had me shaking my handles wher feeling tingly
sirking koerber
sirking koerber 2 dagen geleden
Few minutes later he died twice
bisqit 2 dagen geleden
great. now i have acquired the irrational fear that a lamprey will come up from my toilet and bite my butt off.
anthony stygar
anthony stygar 3 dagen geleden
its like ark survival, in abberation a lamprey latches on and the player takes it like its nothing, kinda like with cyote lol but cyote does groan in pain and stuff
redtail1228 3 dagen geleden
i always think that when something like this happens involving animal on animal conflict that we as humans cant do anything. but then i realize we are the smartest species on this planet and we can solve pretty much any problem that arises if we put our heads together and think.
V!RUS GL!TCH3R 3 dagen geleden
"will it bite?" The "bloodsucking" creature: no
black ink
black ink 3 dagen geleden
pe4ter you really don't have to do this
Mr Yung
Mr Yung 3 dagen geleden
I’m Coyote Peterson and I’m about to get a hickey from a leech
Aurelie Dhondt
Aurelie Dhondt 3 dagen geleden
Aurelie Dhondt
Aurelie Dhondt 3 dagen geleden
Random. Gal
Random. Gal 3 dagen geleden
When it bit you I think it was dieing bc of lack of water and you were screaming in pain a bit
Holly Perret
Holly Perret 4 dagen geleden
So weird how he’s just lounging around with a lamprey sucking on his neck.
Tayler Dupuis
Tayler Dupuis 4 dagen geleden
See this isn't coyote Peterson this is a different model after the videos he just dies and they make a new one
Leyna Phan
Leyna Phan 4 dagen geleden
He needs more likes because he has been through a lot of pain
Beep Boop
Beep Boop 4 dagen geleden
After a few years I’m back to watching brave wilderness :D
willem dewalds
willem dewalds 4 dagen geleden
yes, yes i would
ItsYaBoiCalebRoot 4 dagen geleden
The forbidden hickey
Suga Rush
Suga Rush 4 dagen geleden
Did he die?
Erika barretto
Erika barretto 4 dagen geleden
Oh my god😬😬😬😳😳😳
Kira Leingang
Kira Leingang 4 dagen geleden
How do you not cuss
King minos
King minos 5 dagen geleden
I just wanted to say that I'm so happy that you're out here getting bit stung and all this other things so that we don't have to and you're also spreading awareness of these animals insects and other species that probably a lot of people don't even know about keep on what you're doing I honestly do wish you the best I love every single video
Hilda parami
Hilda parami 5 dagen geleden
devon antonio
devon antonio 5 dagen geleden
your making them familiar with human blood..perfect!
Matthew Herring
Matthew Herring 5 dagen geleden
Imagine using one as a fleshlight
Makynz Jenkins-Vidal
Makynz Jenkins-Vidal 5 dagen geleden
Like you are boy you do not have to do this
Makynz Jenkins-Vidal
Makynz Jenkins-Vidal 5 dagen geleden
If you are scared why are you doing it
Serenity Hayes Is creative
Serenity Hayes Is creative 5 dagen geleden
I really hope one day he does not die because he has the best channel ever
Zouaouu Ahcen
Zouaouu Ahcen 5 dagen geleden
Ok but may i ask why
Hailey Leeder
Hailey Leeder 5 dagen geleden
Put a fish in
Taylor Deacon
Taylor Deacon 5 dagen geleden
there werebugs on your hand
Enrique Jr
Enrique Jr 5 dagen geleden
That outro music thoughhhh
ghosty vl
ghosty vl 5 dagen geleden
This is the worlds worst hickey
Darkstrider24 5 dagen geleden
Who else here has seen the King Kong movie with jack black that had these but they were much bigger 😂😂
OphinReel 5 dagen geleden
But he scared of a needle in his arm
Stuart Wallace
Stuart Wallace 5 dagen geleden
Perhaps they need to be in water to draw and enjoy blood. UI think you need to run this experiment again when you're submerged.
Aman Saad
Aman Saad 5 dagen geleden
Coyote : begging the lamprey to bite him Me : :o
Aman Saad
Aman Saad 5 dagen geleden
Coyote : i am filled with delicious blood Me knowing his blood is maybe filled with every form of poison : Doubt
Boera 10 uur geleden
underrated comment
Loser Popsicle
Loser Popsicle 6 dagen geleden
Mans teaching the lamprey to drink human blood
TFM Kay Kay Gaming
TFM Kay Kay Gaming 6 dagen geleden
Who told you to do that
HighVelocityTicTac 6 dagen geleden
A cure for wellness
Ash 6 dagen geleden
Whoa can't believe he got bitten by a landlord
DarkVWolf 6 dagen geleden
You ever look at something and think, *that would hurt my wee-wee.*
Diana Barbosa
Diana Barbosa 6 dagen geleden
No mames weeeeeeeee pobree >:'o
Sajidah Suleiman
Sajidah Suleiman 6 dagen geleden
Coyote: their not interested in you unless your a native fish All the native fish: 😳
Little kiri boi 2
Little kiri boi 2 6 dagen geleden
Coyote: Next time in will it bite I go to a hungry alligator and try to pet it
Parrots4Life 6 dagen geleden
9:00 Yes, in their home where they live and are happy. lol You cant simulate that when they are in an overcrowded aquarium tank. lol Nice try though
superboykiller 7 dagen geleden
Should've made a small needle prick on your skin to show there's blood. Then maybe it'd have been conclusively proven.
NezzyFN 7 dagen geleden
I don’t understand what makes him want to do these things
speedpellett 7 dagen geleden
the year 2060 coyote Pederson is going to get bit by a white shark
Bradley Smith
Bradley Smith 7 dagen geleden
What's up with the soundtrack and the screaming woman 😆😂
thekonger3710 _
thekonger3710 _ 7 dagen geleden
Are the sea lamprey blind? I mean they have eyes on It the other video they Didn't see your arm
MARINESCU ANDREI 7 dagen geleden
Are you trying to die?
daniel villanueva xia
daniel villanueva xia 7 dagen geleden
I think they detect venom in your blood
مهدی طاهری خسروشاهی
مهدی طاهری خسروشاهی 7 dagen geleden
Why this guy is so badass
Nehir Melek
Nehir Melek 7 dagen geleden
what the heck are those
GizzMo 7 dagen geleden
He is brave fasure because I could never😭
Scarlett McCall
Scarlett McCall 8 dagen geleden
He always finds thing that'll kill him.
Ace Peter
Ace Peter 8 dagen geleden
Can you eat sea lamprey
Blue Sky
Blue Sky 8 dagen geleden
Me: has PTSD from seeing spiders Coyote: And today, I'm getting bit by a blood sucking parasite- for the 4th time? 5th? I don't know but its gonna be fun 😁
SkyBurst 8 dagen geleden
You see kids, this is how the zombie apocalypse starts.
Malachi Macdonald
Malachi Macdonald 8 dagen geleden
Ngl i always hated invasive animals.... and anything in the water
Oma Okwudiri
Oma Okwudiri 8 dagen geleden
Does anyone else feel like this creature is on their body while watching(especially when it came to the ears). like i have to stop every 2 minutes before i continue watching..I feel bad for what he's doing just in order to educate us ..
Demetria Kinchen
Demetria Kinchen 8 dagen geleden
me: looks at fly on his arm....👀👀👀he doesn’t feel dat at all?
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