SNAPPER BITES Hand in Super Slow Motion!

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Welcome to another episode of STRIKE ZONE! This time, we're taking you into the slow motion strike zone of the Panther Chameleon, Pacman Frog, and the Alligator Snapping Turtle! Are you ready to see a snapping turtle bite in super SLOW MOTION?! Get ready to enter the STRIKE ZONE!
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The Brave Wilderness hosts and crew are professionally trained but receive assistance from animal experts and safety personnel when in potentially life-threatening situations. Permissions were obtained by the crew to film in all locations associated with this series. No animals were injured, killed, or removed from their natural habitat in the filming of this program and instances where animals are brought to the scene are clearly acknowledged in the video. Professional advice should always be sought before entering any dangerous environment, or before encountering any species of animal. Every precaution is taken to handle animals with care and in the least stressful way possible; expert opinions are often solicited when handling animals that may potentially inflict harm to any cast and crew.

Terry Glover
Terry Glover 12 uur geleden
Oh my god I cant believe it!!!
Zachary Counterman
Zachary Counterman 17 uur geleden
So he bit off a rubber finger, now let's see him bite off a real one.
Random Gamer
Random Gamer Dag geleden
Snapping turtle vs Nokia
R Robi
R Robi 2 dagen geleden
Very few men have sexually abused that animal and lived to talk about it.
Yashkrishna Srivastava
Yashkrishna Srivastava 2 dagen geleden
First I thought this was clickbait but then I saw the channel name
Electricity 2 dagen geleden
latex hand
ClonaClox9999 / Celery
ClonaClox9999 / Celery 3 dagen geleden
Why do you do this to yourself, Coyote.
Pet Alert With Dr. Alicia
Pet Alert With Dr. Alicia 3 dagen geleden
Fascinating creatures!
Reina Nijinsky
Reina Nijinsky 3 dagen geleden
@7:18 at least u won’t wet ur pants this time bro 😂🤦‍♀️
Caine Yambot
Caine Yambot 4 dagen geleden
I got jumpscare 5:08
Delean Misu
Delean Misu 5 dagen geleden
8:38 this guy looks like he's holding a mini-gun not a turtle
Donna Wells
Donna Wells 5 dagen geleden
They don’t turn loose till it thunders.
Danyon Swordfyre
Danyon Swordfyre 6 dagen geleden
*has access to a high speed motion control robot* *uses it for a single not slow mo shot*
jeff the killer
jeff the killer 6 dagen geleden
5:00 i assume that is the nose, but it looks like a derpy small mouth here
Lionna Hampton
Lionna Hampton 7 dagen geleden
Ooo 0.0
speedpellett 7 dagen geleden
he was 13 and the first episode was stung by a bee hahahahahhahahaahhaahha
Dinoguy436 8 dagen geleden
Pac man: barfs up mealworm Mealworm: moonwalks away
William j Hunter
William j Hunter 9 dagen geleden
I rescued a huge female common snapping turtle from the street in 2011 and I had lifted her by the shell. When I set her down I pulled away fast and her head shot up to bite, missing me by millimeters. Loud snap of the jaws. Nearly lost a finger helping it.
Biolumen the catfox
Biolumen the catfox 9 dagen geleden
Angry alligator!!!! With a shell
Coo Koo
Coo Koo 10 dagen geleden
What if i put a dual side sharp blade into the mouth of that snapping turtle
bgdavenport 10 dagen geleden
No, it was NOT the shot of the day. That gator turtle can extend its neck almost the length of its body. You need to see it grabbing a swimming mouse from the bottom of an aquarium. THAT'S the shot of the day!
richard wooten
richard wooten 10 dagen geleden
I was really focused on that roach ! I COULD TASTE IT !
David Lee
David Lee 10 dagen geleden
For an audience of juveniles.
Rose The Hat
Rose The Hat 11 dagen geleden
I was scared that the turtle was going to swallow the finger!
Sergio Molina
Sergio Molina 11 dagen geleden
R.I.P. worm
Ricky Bachman
Ricky Bachman 11 dagen geleden
7:35 you’re welcome.
Mike Dale
Mike Dale 12 dagen geleden
Next we want to see a snapping turtle crapping in slow mo.
HLP_EM LOVE 12 dagen geleden
Sit on that snapping turtles head
Nene Izzy
Nene Izzy 12 dagen geleden
@1:57 look at those teeth! 👀🤪🤔🤯
Pritrp Tretamare
Pritrp Tretamare 12 dagen geleden
Yeah I have been one been bited by an a snapping turtle it just made a hole through my finger I was just 8 years and the hole is still there
Pritrp Tretamare
Pritrp Tretamare 11 dagen geleden
@isabella yeah it was paining a lot I was just a kid
Pritrp Tretamare
Pritrp Tretamare 11 dagen geleden
@isabella it is like if I get a little cut in the hole I can see through my hand
isabella 11 dagen geleden
is it a hole like a deep scar or can u actually see through the hole? any way, that must've hurt like helllll
Infiniteecho 13 dagen geleden
Is that title gonna eat that finger wouldn't that get him sick
Earthworm Chewer
Earthworm Chewer 13 dagen geleden
Jesus Christ loves you
Jim Mungai
Jim Mungai 13 dagen geleden
When it comes down to the alligator turtle what you need to do is not use a latex and get a convicted beyond a shadow of a doubt child molester get his hand in there and film it and put it on pay per view guarantee a child molest station would probably greatly reduced
Chong Tze Ai
Chong Tze Ai 13 dagen geleden
I e
Shadow Turtle
Shadow Turtle 14 dagen geleden
My veiled Chameleon named Tic Tac bit me once, he didn't bite hard though so it only hurt a little
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 14 dagen geleden
I . N . T . E . R . E . S . T . I . N . G
Lee Parnell
Lee Parnell 14 dagen geleden
there's nothing brave about goading animals into attacking you i'm afraid
Logan Campos
Logan Campos 14 dagen geleden
The wild : alligator snapping turtle Me : king koopa
godmode 14 dagen geleden
It didn't ate the latex, or did it?
Moritz Fiege
Moritz Fiege 15 dagen geleden
really, everyone has a beard ?
Kenny Hill
Kenny Hill 16 dagen geleden
vixonuz 16 dagen geleden
Next time got bite from a shark
Stephen Key
Stephen Key 16 dagen geleden
Wtf is this horrific monster??
ChiTown094 17 dagen geleden
On the first animals, why they don't show it in real-time first, before showing it in slow motion for comparison
Embers Lyle
Embers Lyle 17 dagen geleden
Can you like in if IA black thing of lac bug that has like yellow stripes on the side as I got bitten or stung by one I know how you feel
Embers Lyle
Embers Lyle 17 dagen geleden
🤢🤧🤮🤬😷🤬🤬😵😦😇🤫 I'm really said I don't have any man is in right now but my mom ordered some so I lain down I'm writing you this message because I love your videos they are awsome do a please do a nother animal sing please please please but this time make mark do it when Mario make one of them do it don't make you do
Jens Wolff
Jens Wolff 17 dagen geleden
why are those idiots wearings hats indoors?
Metalpazallteway 18 dagen geleden
MMA fighter Khetag Pliev got his Ring finger cut off from a toe nail round you house today. Similar impact
Brandish 18 dagen geleden
Over ten minutes to watch a few slow motion bites. Not worth.
Elton Butterfield
Elton Butterfield 18 dagen geleden
J Mitchell
J Mitchell 18 dagen geleden
I almost lost my hand when i was a kid. I thought the Snapping turtle was dead.
the avian guy
the avian guy 18 dagen geleden
That there is what yah call a "cajun fingernail clipper".
1465 21 dag geleden
Did anyone notice that when the turtle struck, it rolled its eyes back the same way a shark does?
43wagonwheel 22 dagen geleden
What the hell is all the Ohhh noooo's spoken in slow motion all about? Just say "cool".
I Love My Beard
I Love My Beard 23 dagen geleden
Dude this to me is like the Super Bowl 😁
lemonMan 23 dagen geleden
coyote really had fun with that moving camera lol
MarineChicken 24 dagen geleden
Me: OH GOD NO- Coyote: Using tech! Me: Breathes in relief
Kevin Vance
Kevin Vance 24 dagen geleden
just skip to 7:37 youre welcome
M.A. Hernandez
M.A. Hernandez 24 dagen geleden
"Snapping turtles can produce 1000 PSI of pressure force with the help of sharp beak and strong jaws which is more than enough to bite off the finger." These turtles can take fingers and toes off with one bite
Minecraft Engineer
Minecraft Engineer 24 dagen geleden
Wow shiny frog
roger vonschleusingen
roger vonschleusingen 24 dagen geleden
to much drama...just get to the point....
Man Kind
Man Kind 24 dagen geleden
All these high tech cameras but can’t show any close ups of them striking 🙄 chameleon strike was literally pointless
Jamie Lusby
Jamie Lusby 25 dagen geleden
He's a big mush
Jamie Lusby
Jamie Lusby 25 dagen geleden
I sleep with my snapper
jbking6426 25 dagen geleden
Remember. Safety for the animals and our crew is Always the number one priority. Coyote: Aight lets jump into the water full of alligator snapping turles.
Christopher Hart
Christopher Hart 25 dagen geleden
Where’s mark?
Noah E
Noah E 25 dagen geleden
what you came here to see 7:36
ergun ardic
ergun ardic 25 dagen geleden
thats not finger,that is plastic why did you not put your own finger with bones :)))
squidward is cool
squidward is cool 25 dagen geleden
Now I want to donate my hands when I die just for this type of stuff 😼
Dean Armentrout
Dean Armentrout 26 dagen geleden
Victoria Palacios
Victoria Palacios 26 dagen geleden
how is he still alive
hyrum johansson
hyrum johansson 26 dagen geleden
wat dem jaws do
Alec 26 dagen geleden
7:40 Your welcome
Space Cowboy
Space Cowboy 26 dagen geleden
This dude is such a geek...high fives smfh
s h i n s o
s h i n s o 26 dagen geleden
*not me finally subscribing even if I watched them for 5 years*
Kpops favorite Yn
Kpops favorite Yn 26 dagen geleden
Rick Ainley
Rick Ainley 26 dagen geleden
Luke Cassa
Luke Cassa 26 dagen geleden
Coyote, is literally the textbook definition of a douchebag.
Patrick Star
Patrick Star 27 dagen geleden
8:36 Coyote has a weird addiction to putting stuff in his pocket, first an iguana now a finger!?!
Patrick Star
Patrick Star 27 dagen geleden
8:36 ah yes, the sequel to “I found an iguana, ima put it in my pocket!” Only OGs will remember that episode
shugbz1 27 dagen geleden
You let a lamprey bite you?
Panfilo Alejandre
Panfilo Alejandre 27 dagen geleden
berto 27 dagen geleden
Horrible angles
gmas studios
gmas studios 27 dagen geleden
Hey cayote why do so many people try to expose you like what’s the problem with that
Nenad Bogar
Nenad Bogar 27 dagen geleden
7:35. you're welcome
billy19461 27 dagen geleden
I have seen a snapping turtle break a 1/2” dowel rod!
GGClips 27 dagen geleden
"Snapper Bites Hand in Super Slow Motion" - 4 minutes later still no snapper showing, instead talking about chameleons, reported for misleading title.
Patrick Star
Patrick Star 27 dagen geleden
Be patient, the bite is at the end, no need to get angry and report.
GGClips 27 dagen geleden
Why dont you just show what your title says instead of filling the video with dipshit clips
Gama Isora
Gama Isora 27 dagen geleden
This channel has got soft. I thought coyote was going to stick his tongue in the turtles mouth. Psshhhhh... Weak....
Nel Jimenez
Nel Jimenez 27 dagen geleden
Blastoise use bite!
ojay Z
ojay Z 27 dagen geleden
Bite at 7:43
Mason James Brown
Mason James Brown 27 dagen geleden
Let me give you realism for a sec , real human hands have bone , ligaments that are 10 times stronger then elastic bands, tendons , muscle ect so you may get a hole in your hand but unless you yanked yourself away you wouldn't "pull" a finger off I say pull because the turtles been is far to elongated and hooked to chop them off like a knife would ,
venkat vynatheya
venkat vynatheya 27 dagen geleden
His High-fiving seems a bit annoying, don't know why
Alex MPM
Alex MPM 28 dagen geleden
Its amazing how the snapping turtle hasnt studied itself or seen its own worm-like luring tongue yet know its there and to be used for eating/baiting
Bass Step
Bass Step 28 dagen geleden
5:53 Alright Ima just moon walk it, escape it can't see me i am too slick
Chris Dalton
Chris Dalton 28 dagen geleden
Is anyone concerned about what happens when the turtle swallows that latex? I never saw it spit it out?
Struggles101 28 dagen geleden
Did anyone else catch the turtle snot bubble at 10:00???
Mohanned Suleiman
Mohanned Suleiman 28 dagen geleden
Hippo eating watermelon slomo PLEASE
Julian Kurt
Julian Kurt 28 dagen geleden
im never ever gone go swimming wherever there are those things in the water or could be
M o n k e
M o n k e 28 dagen geleden
I was sacred before I clicked the video.
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