Milking the World's Most Venomous Spider!

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In this episode, get ready for the full-length version of one of our most dangerous adventures - milking the world's most venomous spider! In Australia, there is one species of spider that strikes fear into the hearts of many, and that spider is none other than the Funnel Web! These arachnids possess a dangerous neurotoxin that is particularly deadly to humans - yikes!
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The Brave Wilderness hosts and crew are professionally trained but receive assistance from animal experts and safety personnel when in potentially life-threatening situations. Permissions were obtained by the crew to film in all locations associated with this series. No animals were injured, killed, or removed from their natural habitat in the filming of this program and instances where animals are brought to the scene are clearly acknowledged in the video. Professional advice should always be sought before entering any dangerous environment, or before encountering any species of animal. Every precaution is taken to handle animals with care and in the least stressful way possible; expert opinions are often solicited when handling animals that may potentially inflict harm to any cast and crew.

Nerdy Vids
Nerdy Vids 3 uur geleden
this should be what people with arachnophobia should watch this to get over there fears
Kamila Di Terlizzi
Kamila Di Terlizzi 5 uur geleden
I’m scared of spiders
yuni ha
yuni ha 6 uur geleden
Why does he say it is the most DANGEROUS spider but he puts his hand RIGHT next to it??? 6:39 What if the spider accidentally went out of the container and crawled around the backpack......oof 9:30
Braden Hut
Braden Hut 10 uur geleden
I swear I seen this video like a year or 2 ago
Borgata 17 uur geleden
Now I feel things are crawling on me I regret my decision to watch this 😭✋🏼
Ali Dacic
Ali Dacic 23 uur geleden
real fans know this is a repost
Eatifyyy Dag geleden
I used to live in Sydney but luckily never seen one or got bit by one
spider with a stylus
spider with a stylus Dag geleden
Oh hey, That's my cousin Larry!
B0nzy Dag geleden
Who else after this are scared of spiders and snakes that they come to your house
Brett and Karen
Brett and Karen Dag geleden
Can they make more venom
MEWSKIIX Dag geleden
I wonder how amazing it is being this gys camera man
Jago Sevetar
Jago Sevetar Dag geleden
13:56 "We have a lot of people... and a lot of conflict with the funnel web spiders" -- Anon. Australian, circa 2021.
xirsamoht x
xirsamoht x 2 dagen geleden
great episode, i love the arachnid ones!
MathiasWho 2 dagen geleden
Yo we had one of these under our door handle when I was a kid
Ploohy 2 dagen geleden
Mom: Yah wanna go to vacation to Australia with your family? Me: Nah ima pass
pro gap gaming
pro gap gaming 3 dagen geleden
Any body here from australia i am?
Toga ßrəałh
Toga ßrəałh 3 dagen geleden
I have somthing u should get bit by. Its a coyote coyote can u get bit by a coyote?? :) love ur vids keep it up
Secia 3 dagen geleden
okay i live in australia in queensland and i've never encountereed a species like this. Now im shivering.
Griffin C
Griffin C 3 dagen geleden
This species is only found around Sydney but there are over 35 species of funnelweb and they can be found across the East Coast.
Toga ßrəałh
Toga ßrəałh 3 dagen geleden
When u said it can be found in many peoples back yard does that include North America. -. Dee dee
Paul G
Paul G 3 dagen geleden
No Ones died from the Sydney funnel web spider since he 80s anti-venom
Loose Knaught
Loose Knaught 3 dagen geleden
Oui covered in ants
EdanMunro 3 dagen geleden
Another daily reminder to never move to Australia
Shannon Ramnarain
Shannon Ramnarain 3 dagen geleden
Shannon Ramnarain
Shannon Ramnarain 3 dagen geleden
Coyote or 🦞🦊
hourlay chhorng
hourlay chhorng 3 dagen geleden
I got a story So when I enter my classroom I see this spider just laying in the ground the girls are out side the class and the boys are in class like so close to this spider no one(including me) knew that this spider was vemoness so the boys is just messing around so the spider is quit close to the door so I jump over it and we boys was just messing with it the teacher comes in and told the us the spider was vemoness so we just back out Fast forward a week later a student was expelled becuz he brought the spider and put it there on popuse
Sebastian Leal
Sebastian Leal 4 dagen geleden
I honestly thought the wondering spider was the worst of all?
Matthew Gao
Matthew Gao 4 dagen geleden
Coyote: One bite from this can kill Collects it in a container Plays with it Pokes it ‘Ok lets take this to the reptile area’
Lorenzo Pippia
Lorenzo Pippia 4 dagen geleden
Why do these monsters even exist in the first place?
Phantasm animates
Phantasm animates 4 dagen geleden
Haha i love that yes Australia is dangerous, but it’s not to common to find a crocodile or a snake in/near a lake or pond
Rigged Games
Rigged Games 5 dagen geleden
You know I found one of those spiders in my house I was chilling and then I looked up-THEN I SAW THE SPIDER.
Hoovy Pootis
Hoovy Pootis 5 dagen geleden
I live in Sydney Australia and I'm now scared
Acid_Pelican 5 dagen geleden
Balls of steel.
Maddison Raymonde
Maddison Raymonde 5 dagen geleden
BTW one bite can kill 20 people and i live in sydney too
WEZZY BABY 5 dagen geleden
I see why the English place their prisoners in Australia back in the day
thegreenshujaa Thegreenshujaa
thegreenshujaa Thegreenshujaa 6 dagen geleden
That part with the hand ! Gave me the chills dude !
cartergaming 6 dagen geleden
coyote: this is the worlds most dangerous spider also coyote: i can milk you
JoshiePlayz 6 dagen geleden
BE brave! Be WILD!
Frede Nord
Frede Nord 6 dagen geleden
Some members of the family produce venom that is dangerous to humans, and bites by spiders of six of the species have caused severe injuries to victims. The bites of the Sydney funnel-web spider (Atrax robustus) and northern tree-dwelling funnel-web spider (Hadronyche formidabilis) are potentially deadly, but no fatalities have occurred since the introduction of modern first-aid techniques and antivenom. The Brazilian Wandering Spider do claim lives every year in just Brazil alone. One the LD50 scale the Brazilian Wandering Spider scores higher then any other spider.
Samuel Lungu
Samuel Lungu 7 dagen geleden
that is wow I wish I could go on with see some animals that I love I just love all the animals
The tropical fish Enthusiast
The tropical fish Enthusiast 7 dagen geleden
Coyote:the odds of encountering one are pretty unlikely Me: *sees HUGE funnel web near the gas tanks* Also me: Nope nope nope nope nope
Ethan Galindo
Ethan Galindo 7 dagen geleden
Ethan Galindo
Ethan Galindo 7 dagen geleden
Can u make a video on red eared slider turtles
Holly Rudder
Holly Rudder 7 dagen geleden
Who else got itchy watching this? 😦
Colt Plays
Colt Plays 7 dagen geleden
God: ah yes, let's add a cat! Devil:mmmm spider! God:ok? Not to to bad... Mabyyyyy OO dog yes yes dog. Devil: snek God:can you stop! Devil:funnel web God:no need for that 😅 Devil:funnel web God:STOP Devil:Funnel web God:I give up 😒
Colt Plays
Colt Plays 7 dagen geleden
I've always wanted to go to Australia but now I'm kind of thinking otherwise, I always loved Australia cuz first I've always wanted to see a kangaroo even now sometimes they lure you into the water to freaking drown you. I kind of liked British accent but I ended up speaking humongously great at Australian. So that's why I always loved Australia except not really the animals 😅🇭🇲🇭🇲
Griffin C
Griffin C 7 dagen geleden
Don't let these kind of over-sensationalised videos worry you! These spiders haven't killed anyone in 40 years due to the production of antivenom.
Colt Plays
Colt Plays 7 dagen geleden
I promise you this is the only animal NLpostsr that doesn't click bad about spiders snakes and etc
Landyn Brunett
Landyn Brunett 7 dagen geleden
I got bit by a funnel web spider before
Lego Animations
Lego Animations 7 dagen geleden
Yeah I live in Australia Brisbane. And one day I went into my bathroom and saw a huge huntsman spider on the wall.... yeah we don't talk about those days
Oliver Brown
Oliver Brown 7 dagen geleden
at 6:53 you can see a fosil in the stone
Ultimate 7 dagen geleden
I know what gender kind it is a female funnel web
lamees hazem
lamees hazem 7 dagen geleden
Aspect of The Jerry
Aspect of The Jerry 7 dagen geleden
This is why I love living in australia
Jordan Jiang
Jordan Jiang 7 dagen geleden
A spider
A spider 8 dagen geleden
As a spider I can definitley say that you are one of the most bravest humans on earth
Jay C
Jay C 8 dagen geleden
Spider: why am I here 👁👁👄👁👁
Turkish Wolf
Turkish Wolf 8 dagen geleden
İ am not afraid of wolves ,lions ,snakes.But I am afraid of insects.
Turkish Wolf
Turkish Wolf 8 dagen geleden
Not for their injections.For their shapes😱
Trisha Rodriguez
Trisha Rodriguez 8 dagen geleden
waw so cool
36OrangesÀwÁ 9 dagen geleden
7:28 what was that??
Dezi Talley
Dezi Talley 9 dagen geleden
Seth Gabriel Lawrence Espiritu
Seth Gabriel Lawrence Espiritu 9 dagen geleden
The australian man pronounces ''female'' as ''femayl''
no Ah
no Ah 9 dagen geleden
Spiders are so wonderful! Very interesting video😁
mohd fadli
mohd fadli 10 dagen geleden
The small spider: (runs beside funnel web spider) Me: hahhahahahahaha
Ophanim 10 dagen geleden
Oh God no
rebecca steele
rebecca steele 10 dagen geleden
One day he’s going to end up killing his self⚠️⚠️⚠️
Thatboi 10 dagen geleden
Reasons I don’t go outside:
A spider
A spider 8 dagen geleden
Doesnt mean we aint inside 😤👌
Maria Briggs
Maria Briggs 10 dagen geleden
I’m not sure this a good idea to Watch this when I have arachnophobia
Demonic devil
Demonic devil 10 dagen geleden
Danger: scares everyone it meets Coyote: laughs at the face of danger Danger: you asked for it Coyote: try me Danger: try’s its best to bring Coyote down and fails Also danger: leave at the speed of light Coyote:t eh I expected that
Amy Ervin
Amy Ervin 10 dagen geleden
if I wore milk that spider I probably wound because I would be in the bathroom
Ognjen Stepanovic
Ognjen Stepanovic 10 dagen geleden
How isn't he DEAD
OMEGA CENTAURI 10 dagen geleden
Huge spider, pulls out a sperm sample container
1-Minute Instruction
1-Minute Instruction 10 dagen geleden
You must release them to wild after milking.
A spider
A spider 8 dagen geleden
@1-Minute Instruction 😤👌
1-Minute Instruction
1-Minute Instruction 10 dagen geleden
So that they can maintain their population which is important to keep the life balance.
Griffin C
Griffin C 10 dagen geleden
lester egonia
lester egonia 10 dagen geleden
I can milk you
OBY 10 dagen geleden
Isn't the Brazilian Wanderer the most venomous?
El Jumbotron
El Jumbotron 11 dagen geleden
Coyote: here, I need to get it in this container. *pulls out a thimble*
jashwanth vasadi
jashwanth vasadi 11 dagen geleden
7:27 that small spider crawling beside the funnel-web spider was hilarious
FNaFfan93 AUTTP ATHTDC 11 dagen geleden
_drink it_
Taj Manning
Taj Manning 11 dagen geleden
Great content and very very brave of you I’d be shocked I would run away and picking up the log your so brave
Person 11 dagen geleden
mmmmm yummy milk
Rico BS
Rico BS 11 dagen geleden
Who thought o f this as a home god dam sad loll
AussieBrad 13
AussieBrad 13 11 dagen geleden
How many spiders do you need to save one human with the anti-venom?
Rekt 11 dagen geleden
I have arachnophobia and I regret watching this...
Echo 11 dagen geleden
When you have Arachnophobia
Klaudia Fuli Unasa
Klaudia Fuli Unasa 12 dagen geleden
I've watched u since 2018 big fan! watched all ur vids
Br4yyy 12 dagen geleden
I wish he would comment and interact with the viewers
Br4yyy 12 dagen geleden
How do you just say holy cow and not holy $h!t
i n e s
i n e s 12 dagen geleden
damnnn i didnt watch this channel for like 4 years or sum its not dead yet plus the content is still really cool
TheOneKai /// object shows & more!
TheOneKai /// object shows & more! 12 dagen geleden
National Geographic needs this show
GD Fuzion
GD Fuzion 12 dagen geleden
Black Widow: just chilling here dont worry humans, i dont bite. Funnel Web: I SEE YOU, I ATTACK YOU.
M Thway
M Thway 12 dagen geleden
how come he not dying with all these freaking scary stuffs 😬
Michael Lee
Michael Lee 13 dagen geleden
imagine if coyote got bit and turned into spiderman
S3tra 0
S3tra 0 13 dagen geleden
Griffin C
Griffin C 12 dagen geleden
Bit of an overreaction there. You've got better things to worry about in almost every country.
Bright Mathebula
Bright Mathebula 13 dagen geleden
What the f**k
Yvonne Gale
Yvonne Gale 13 dagen geleden
That is so cool
Risey K
Risey K 13 dagen geleden
Was this a reupload swear I seen this vid before also no ones wearing a mask🤣🤣
Schrodinger 13 dagen geleden
While Kane was instructing Coyote on what to do when bitten by a funnel web, little did he know that Coyote was studying for when he takes an intentional bite from a funnel-web.
tom cool
tom cool 13 dagen geleden
Arachnophobia??? Huh nevermind, I will blow torch as I'm seeing one better known it's dead than knowing it's alive
Juleda Dervishi
Juleda Dervishi 13 dagen geleden
I was scared he was gonna bite him
Ginger legend
Ginger legend 13 dagen geleden
I thought the brazzilian wondering spider was the most deadly guess not anymore
Tamim Nz
Tamim Nz 14 dagen geleden
If I saw that I’d die so cared
Tamim Nz
Tamim Nz 14 dagen geleden
Busta 14 dagen geleden
Someone answer my question, if venom drops on ur skin, what do u do?
Lair of Centipedes
Lair of Centipedes 7 dagen geleden
As long as it doesn't go into you, you're fine. A drop of venom sitting on your skin is harmless.
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